Spotless glass with safety at the core

Perstorp is a highly integrated partner to the PVB resin and film producers. With infrastructure and regional presence, we can provide first class support and supply, that will result in spotless glass, with safety at the core.

Perstorp is a flexible and proactive partner to PVB resin and film producers. Reliable and precise in what we supply we are also fully engaged in helping our customers solve their production and logistics issues. We have the infrastructure and regional facilities to support and satisfy your needs no matter where you are. Our products help to make safety-laminated windshield and windows impact resistant, shatterproof and spotless.

Betty Lu

VP Oxo chemicals

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Processing Advantages

  • Secure supply & reliable protocols in place
  • Highest quality to suit super clean particle free environments
  • Offer short lead times when needed

Performance Advantages

  • 2-EHA consistent quality for 3G8 plasticizers where a spotless finish is demanded
  • Components that provide laminated safety glass with high protection from impact and help to reduce injuries from glass

Business advantages

  • Secure and reliable supply to optimize production
  • Consistent product quality eliminating hidden costs
  • Strategic global partner supporting customers in problem solving (logistics & production)